The Story Of Maud's

Maud’s Righteous Blends is a family owned company. We roast and blend gourmet coffee, tea, and more. Our delicious premium products are packaged in recyclable single-serve pods for all of the most popular brewers.


Who is Maud, you ask? She's actually a combination of two wonderful girls we love, Maddie and Audrey, blended together to make 'Maud'. Our Owner's lovely daughters. Speaking of blending, that's what we do best here, passionately experimenting and concocting unique coffees and teas until we come up with delicious blends to offer you.

Who are We, you ask?... We're a family owned company with a passionate team, very proud to be serving happy customers across the United States with fantastic coffees and teas made specifically for the most popular single-serve brewers!

What's Coming Next?... With dozens of unique gourmet coffee and tea combinations, we’re busy creating new and seasonal blends to satisfy just about any taste preference.

"We created Maud’s as a family project.  We sit around the dinner table and come up with all the names together. The girls could not be more excited if their name makes it to print.  We are passionate about creating the best beverages in a single serve pod and delivering them to you at the best price on the planet.  We also really care about giving back so we created “Maud’s Cause”.  We can’t wait to share with you all the great things we have going in our efforts to give back to the community."

— Michael Ishayik, President of Intelligent Blends.




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