Gourmet coffee fresh roasted in California.


We craft fantastic coffees and teas made specifically for the most popular single-serve brewers!


COFFEE & TEA PODS (for Keurig®)


Gourmet coffee packed and sealed in recyclable single-serve pods. Made from fresh 100% Arabica coffee beans expertly roasted by our 5th Generation Roastmaster. Compatible with all of the most popular brewers including "2.0" brewers.

Espresso CAPSULES (for Nespresso®)


Organic, Fair-Trade & Single-Origin espresso capsules. Made from the highest quality beans and roasted in small batches, this espresso is truly delicious and enjoyable. Maud's capsules are compatible with all standard Nespresso® capsule brewers.



MADDIE + AUDREY = 'MAUD' She's actually a combination of two wonderful girls we love, Maddie and Audrey, blended together to make 'Maud'. Our Owner's lovely daughters. We're a family owned company blending and roasting delicious coffee, tea, and more.